REC Recording studio offers a variety of services in the field of audio production: sound recording, mixing soundtracks, arrangement, remix, all kinds of audio clips, dubbing films and commercials and so on.

The main criteria of our ideology are the staff professionalism, first-class equipment, as well as high quality standards of our work.

REC offers a wide range of services on the rental scene, sound and lighting equipment. We rent a full range of professional sound equipment with a capacity of up to 30kW allowing to sound special events of any level for audience of up to 10,000 people, from corporate parties to large open air ones.

There is an electrical measuring laboratory in the department of technical control of REC. It has the certificate which allows carrying out measurements in the field of protection of human life and health, electrical, acoustic and lighting equipment parameters. There is an acoustic measurement chamber in the laboratory which is the only one in the Zhitomir region to measure the characteristics of the acoustic systems.

REC offers contract manufacturing services. We have our own Construction department, certified Electrical measuring laboratory with modern technological equipment and production capacities to perform operations of the highest complexity in the construction and manufacturing fields of electronic equipment, manufacturing parts from sheet material, carry out turning and milling operations.