Park Street LED lamps of “Retro” series

There was developed and produced the first experimental batch of park street LED lamps of "Retro" series by company REC. This series includes 20 and 40 Watts power LED lamps made ​​in two design options by installation type: torchere (DTU) and wall (DBU). LED lamps of "Retro" series are made ​​of materials resistant to temperature changes from -40 to 40 º C, precipitation effects and solar radiation. Warranty period of LED lamps  is 36 months.


Lighting source is a LED module of REC production. LED lamps can be equipped with LED modules with a colour temperature of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K.


High-impact opal polycarbonate application helped to achieve a "soft" light and solve the      anti-vandal problem. Energy savings compared with existing gas discharge lamps can reach from 50 to 80%.


LED lamps of "Retro" series offer opportunity not only to solve lighting problems but match the landscape and to emphasize the individuality of design ideas.


There is possibility to define a border area with the help of garden lamps, to divide it into zones, and even to change the boundaries visually: cold lighting can push into the background, and warm can bring nearer.


It’s much lighter and comfortable with LED lamps “Retro”.