New product catalogue “REC_LED”

New product catalogue “REC_LED”


There was issued a new electronic version of product catalogue “REC LED”. A catalogue “REC_LED 2013-2014” contains basic information for LED light selection of company REC in different modifications. A catalogue includes new items 2013 except well-known products as RL-01 series for street and road lighting. These energy-efficient LED lights are for industrial premises of DPP series. They are intended for warehouses, commercial and industrial premises with high ceilings. 600 LED lamps of this series have already installed in the new building supermarket OLDI that allows completely light shopping rows and passageways. 


There is also represented architectural lighting equipment in the catalogue – floodlight RL- 02 and RL- 21. LED lights are intended for architectural lighting of buildings, constructions and monuments. Energy-efficient LED RGB-floodlights of RL- 21 series are installed in "Art gates".

The new catalogue contains detailed information on each LED lamp, its purpose, appliance features and technical characteristics of the operation.

To download the new version of the catalogue "REC_LED" you can on the company’s website.

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