“Show Master” about REC. CS series of Two-way Acoustic Systems

“Show Master” about REC. Series of Two-way Acoustic Systems CS


Company “REC” has developed new acoustic systems of series CS. These are the compact highly efficient two-way acoustic systems equipped with the high-frequency compression drivers and low-frequency dynamic heads by RCF Precision. The use of high-quality components allows you to create flexible and effective systems for any project. Driver RCF that was engineered by Italian engineers exactly reproduces even the vivid nuances of sounding instruments or voices maintaining the purity and clarity of sound in any circumstances. It makes the CS systems an ideal decision for professional use in sound amplifying systems of different purposes (installations in concert halls, theaters, discos and restaurants, rental or tour sets).

Acoustic systems are equipped with a low-frequency dynamic head RCF Precision (12”, 15” or 18”) with a two-way voice coil (3” or 4”), compression HF driver RCF Precision with a 3-inch titanium diaphragm and neodymium magnetic system. A constant directivity horn with 60x40 ° and 90x40 ° opening angles with the ability to turn through 90 degrees allows adapt the system according to the requirements of any project.

There are 2 connectors Speakon NL4.  Body of special form of 18 mm moistureproof plywood with polyurethane coating and perforated 2 mm thick metal mesh covered with acoustically transparent foam to protect the dynamic heads from mechanical influence and dust. Bodies are equipped with the milled wooden handles, cup of 36 mm diameter for mounting on a stand and threaded sleeves M10 for different methods of installation. The combination of perfect sound, operational reliability and ease of installation guarantee a high quality of equipment for your object. 
REC CS15 – two-way acoustic system, 54 Hz -20 kHz, 650 W/8 Ohm, 133 dB max, 15” LF-dynamic +2” neodymium HF-driver with a horn 90°х40°, crossover frequency range - 800 Hz. Connectors 2 х Neutrik Speakon, total dimensions - 735 х 435 х 440 mm, weight - 36 kg.
REC CS12 – two-way acoustic system, 60 Hz -20 kHz, 600 W/8 Ohm, 132 dB max, 12” LF-dynamic +2” neodymim HF-driver with a horn 90°х40°, crossover frequency range 900 Hz, connectors - 2 х Neutrik Speakon, total dimensions - 665 х 365 х 390 mm, weight - 27 kg.
REC CS18 – subwoofer, 35 - 200 Hz, 1000 W, impedance 8 Ohm,  sensitivity 98 dB, pressure 134 dB, 18” dynamic, connectors -2 х Neutrik Speakon, total dimensions - 700 х 520 х 735 mm, weight - 52 kg

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