Passive phase compensating crossover - the development of REC enginneers

In the "Analog epoch" few people could have predicted that the time delay in the monitors will be essential, when using the crossover. Today, when most of the digital equipment has its own delay, sound engineers need to use calculator and count the "temporary damages" arising in the signal propagation path. And if the total delay of the sound channel is not a significant factor (it often needs to be increased) for FOH-system, this value is more than critical for stage monitors. It is believed that the signal delay of 2-3 ms using monitoring is perceived for the performer. At the same time, the crossover filters alone can "make" a delay of up to 2 msec. This monitor is hardly to qualify ideal. And do not forget about the other links of the chain. Digital sound mixing consoles, sound amplifiers of Class D, DSP, digital radio system: all of these devices don’t also increase a signal velocity. Thus, today it is not easy to construct a monitor line with the minimum delay. There is a need to hunt after every millisecond. In such situation "slow" monitor is hardly to be a good support. 

Working on the M15, engineers of the company “REC” tried to create a top-class monitor, which would have the smallest delay in spite of high sound level. To materialize this idea has helped a unique develop that is called “passive phase compensating crossover” by constructors. REC M15 is a passive monitor with a coaxial dynamics where are used old laws of physics instead of power electronics. Passive phase compensating crossover aligns phases of LF and HF dynamics on a frequency shift and helps for reliable sound of the monitor. There are used the unique filters inside the crossovers that are worked with a minimum time delay. Such monitor sounds alone. It does not need special amplifiers and controllers. The first tests of the new monitor had shown, that M15 provides more comfortable acoustic atmosphere on the stage in other equal conditions. Singers like the sound, and they can not explain the difference between M15 and other monitors.



On the VII Conference of distributors of Volga region the company "ARIS" will demonstrate REC M15 that is equipped with a unique passive phase compensating crossover. And it will participate in the record chart of 15-inch monitors. Besides that the leading engineer of company “REC” Azad Nigmatshaev will give a report on the subject "The problem of phase distortion in crossovers of acoustic systems and ways of its reduction on the example of monitor REC M15 ».