“Jazz Breakfast with the company REC”

On the 26th of August, 2012 the company “ARIS” held an extraordinary event "Jazz Breakfast with the company REC » as a part of the Fifteenth International Festival "Jazz in the Hermitage Garden". “ARIS” is the technical sponsor of this unique festival second year. This year it was decided not only to renew the experience of co-creation of engineers of company "ARIS" with the best jazz musicians in the world but also to introduce partners of the company to the concept of a PA system and equipment of company REC. It was installed the following equipment at the festival.
The main portals – full-range acoustic systems REC CS215 and subwoofers CS18-SUB while subwoofers were working in a cardioid mode set with the equipment BIAMP Audia Solo. The systems of near field were RCF HDL20-A. Stage Monitors were d & b MAX and the M4. Delay systems - REC CS12 + CS15-SUB. Microphone set - beyerdynamic. And mixing system was DiGiCo SD9.

In the theoretical part (actually "Breakfast" as the event began at 10 am) a special attention was paid to the important and interesting question of cardioid subwoofer array construction and localization of the sound image besides description of the general concept of the system. The detailed and straightforward information was presented by the Chief Engineer of company REC Azad Nigmatshaev. To get an objective view about installed equipment, you could listen to music material prepared by the organizers and the test records of guests of this event. All the nuances of live music system playback can be assessed in the evening concert which was attended by jazz stars from the USA, Austria, Poland and Israel.

"We wanted to show that productions of the professional sound equipment are quite successfully developing in the post-Soviet space, - says the Head of Sales Department PRO AUDIO of “ARIS "Denis Kolomiets. - And it is not just domestic industry but a full-scale production which is certified according to modern European standards. Equipment of the company REC has always evoked a great response among professionals, and this time we wanted to put the things right just by giving the opportunity to assure of high quality sounding of acoustic systems personally".

 Source: http://www.show-master.ru/categories/dzhazovyy_zavtrak_s_kompaniey_rec.html?sphrase_id=5520