Installation in the Tsvetnoy Bulvar restaurant (located in the Saint George hotel, Yaroslavl, Russia) (R-1 Sound)

On the 18th of December a new lobby-restaurant “Colorful Boulevard” was opened in the city of Yaroslavl " that was made in the style of a street summer restaurant.
The cozy atmosphere makes the restaurant attractive to business events, romantic meetings, banquets and weddings. The restaurant can be transformed into a luxurious banquet hall and receive up to 250 guests, a total area of ​​523 sq.m. Moscow company R-1 Sound (Rodin-sound)
was engaged in the installation.

Technical equipment:

Sound equipment for various events: corporate parties, banquets, concerts and club parties.

The concept of the proposed solutions:
Two floor stacks, two passive subwoofers and a full-range passive acoustic system in each. Two floor stage monitors.

There was installed a concert sound system of the middle class in the object:

Type of equipment




Acoustic systems




Acoustic systems




Power amplifiers


CS 4400


Sound processing units


DS 214 A



Special conditions:

The main problem is the building which is the hall-well hotel with a high level of reverberation.


Customer’s Reviews:

"I am very thankful for cooperation and assistance in the acquisition of sound and lighting set. Sound is bought of Ukrainian company REC. Before this I have never heard about this company, and, of course, there were some fears because we needed to sound a real “well”-hall of the 5-story hotel. But everything fell right into place after talking with the company "R-1 Sound". We bought a set of series CS: tops 215 - 2 pieces and subs 18 - 4 pieces (two sound amplifiers of the same series 4400). The first test was on December, 21. It was a corporate party of 360 ​​people. Such sound, no SOUUUUND!!! I have never heard!! Everyone was delighted, from customers to our leadership. We were afraid that there will be a strong echo in this space, but nothing happened. When a saxophonist played in light background at the beginning it was the feeling that the sound was flowing around. It was so clean!!! The voice of showmaster was heard at every point of the hall. Any word wasn’t "fly away" to the ceiling. Everything was legible and understandable. But when dancing started  I just "stuck"!! And the supply of power was available by a third part. Overall REC is super. Once again thank you for advice. I address it to a person with whom we are still working and buy up equipment (some of them are exclusive ones, we don’t have anything like this in Yaroslavl). So thank you so much for everything!”