Indistinctive company Prehistory

At first I cautiously regarded for this idea. The company-manufacturer, city Zhitomir, acoustic systems, sound amplifiers, Public Address, LED lighting...”Come and look what results can be achieved with the willing and love for the cause, - insisted my contact manager. – Italy, England, Germany – it’s well but are we not patriots?” “Zhitomir is Ukraine, - I torpidly recalcitrated, - where does patriotism come in?” But I have visited. Then it was like by Freud. Ukraine is officially abroad but I didn’t think to take a travel passport with me. However, I didn’t have a  need of it there. 

If you have ever visited the Soviet cities with a population of 200 000 people, you can easily imagine Zhitomir. Obviously, the main construction period was happened in the 1980s, and the accord of the Soviet building still determines the tone of the whole city. The fact that the Soviet times have passed, is visible only by billboards along the roads of different calibers and exuberant private housing that is gradually coming to the panel symbols of Brezhnev utilities.

Honestly speaking, Zhitomir isn’t look like the developed areas of Italy but it does not matter because we live in a global world where geography is practically solves nothing. 

детали корпуса усилителя

Details of a sound amplifier

“Company of radioamateurs”

REC is an abbreviation of "radio-electronic company." However the head of the “REC”,George Matyshnyuk, often calls his enterprise the company of radioamateurs. "To be engaged in the production of electronics in our country can only those who really love this job," - he says with a smile. So, as the saying runs, every joke is consisted only of a part of joke.

Nevertheless, this year the company REC celebrates its 20th anniversary, and if we add to the twenty 5-year’s history of the cooperative which got started to work, we will get a quarter of the century. A quarter-century ruins and wrecks, the death of the Soviet economy, unstable 1990s, Ukrainian political crisis of the 2000s but Radio-electronic company works, develops, is get used in the newly-built placement and plans to expand production. Perhaps, people know something here that others can not understand

Established production

George Matyshnyuk is an experienced person, he has traveled half of the world on business visits and, of course, he frequently visited foreign productions. Perhaps, therefore, all that the eye can sees of a man who gets on “REC” associated production more with Europe than with modern Ukraine. You can still hear the sounds of construction in the yard. Inside the production are imported machine-tools deftly cut, bend, stamp and mill body blanks for future amplifiers and LED lighting equipment. Plywood is also under the supervision of a computer, is dissolved in the parts of bodies are perfectly aligned speakers. Plywood is also under the supervision of a computer, it is dissolved in the parts of acoustic system bodies. Then all details have dried, washed, glued and painted. 100% input control of the components. There is a Laboratory of electromagnetic compatibility. Machine-shop with present lathes and milling machines (admitted that a lathe I have not seen even in Italy). Where is necessary it is used a hand-labour. Production is so regulated that in addition to their own needs, it is often charged with third-party contracts, and it helps to take up a bill of the expensive foreign equipment. However, it is not everything subject to European fashion here. . "Why are foreigners so like to show their production? - asked me the production manager Oleg Olenchuk and then he answers for his own question: - Because, you just looked, and automatically start to copy, and if you copy, you are already a step behind. "

Cобственное производство трансформаторов (надежность кроется в мелочах)

Own manufacture of transformers (reliability is in the details)

"On the one hand - the latest machines, on the other - the Soviet sintering furnace for transformers ..."

The development of “REC” contemporaneously lags behind the market and is ahead of it. On the one hand, new machines, on the other - the Soviet sintering furnace for transformers, which everyone is proud of it who is dedicated to the technology of amplifiers. Thus the modern advancements of sound industry are frowned upon here, and it is considered that the peak of development such as sound-amplifying equipment was in the 1970s. "What about the amplifiers of Class-D?” - I am objecting. "Nothing new they haven’t brought, - explaining to me the engineers of “REC”. - Yes, they are lighter, more efficient and probably reliable to some extent but who can argue that they are superior to "analog" in sound quality? The sound quality is the decisive factor for us. When someone offers a technology superior to traditional amplifier, we will immediately learn it and in the meantime ..."

Meanwhile, the REC is sticking to his principles, isn’t change in a rapidly changing world. And this tactic pays off. Not long ago, most of the business world manufacturers of professional sound and lighting equipment meant an activity in two areas: the development and promotion. Production is relegated to specializing companies in this. At first view, this approach is preferable in terms of business performance, but something hard to remember at least one firm, which these methods allowed take the lead. The product can be executed perfectly, but it already does not have the charisma that makes small-scale patterns in small works of art. Moreover, to control the quality is much more convenient in own production. In short, many companies are now seriously attended to their own production. But it wasn’t always been so in the “REC”. . "Invented, made and sold on the side - our company imagined the same - said George Matyshnyuk - but this scheme is hardly to call viable in our conditions. But alas, practice in observing obligations hasn’t caught on in our country. Do you want to do it right - do it yourself.” It follows thence the almost complete localization of production. It is a question of life and death for “REC”. There are customers but the market is not so big to throw around of them. The company doesn’t produce only the dynamics and basic elements. Everything else is also individually developed, beginning from the decorative arrays and ending of spooling of transformers.

Начальник отдела разработки Азад Нигматшаев «презентует» новинку

The Head of Development Department Azad Nigmatshaev "presents" a novelty

The main competitive advantage of the “REC” is in humans

Oleg Olenchuk is guiding me into the holy of holies - the office of developers. There is situated a prototype of acoustic system in the middle of the room. The model is ready to be discussed with representatives of the Russian distributor of company “REC”. “Can I take photos here?” – I asked. "You can take photos with us”- reply the Head of Development Department Azad Nigmatshaev. – What about prototype, you should ask it to our guidance”. (Later I asked the executives of “REC”, what do they see the main competitive advantage of the enterprise. I was told - in humans. In particular, people like Azad. He is one of the leading developers and behind his back all say that at night it is a fiber thickness of fire hose is connected directly to the cosmos, from reading information. I think that about optical fiber is an exaggeration but the fact that Azad sees things differently true.)

I spoke to the engineers of many companies with internationally known brands, and everyone was assured that free pass to anything, even the most brilliant invention can only prospect the market. There is a discussing of the new model in the room of developers “REC”. They decide what specific conditions of professional work this model will be more convenient and profitable in. Representatives of the distributor enter into the last details. I admit if I were in the place of developers I would break already in the fifth minute to over-persuade. But people have professional exposure here. “REC” produces not only sound amplification. One of the most successful projects of the company is the development, production and start-up of public address system of the railway station “Kiev-Passenger” and the cycle of service testing on the Ukrainian railway - two years.

сборочный процесс
Главный капитал компании — сотрудники

The main capital of the company – employees 

It is "welcomed extraordinary people, appreciate lateral thinking and rely only on themselves..." here

Our company outing is ending in the office of President “REC”. To the question "How do you like our production?" I honestly answer that there is nothing special. I saw it many times abroad. I liked it, of course. But something made ​​to think about. I understand that this is the norm today but why people have to survive in our countries instead of moving forward the economy? The quality is conformed to the level of the best Western models. There are unique solutions. Today “REC” produces the translation system, professional power amplifiers, acoustic systems, and LED lighting. All this is done in the own corporate style. During the personal tour, I was shown a new LED street light. It would seem what it may be easier: weatherproof LED lightings illuminate a street at night. It turns out it's not that simple. The basis of this product is not LED but a unique system of lenses through which light takes on special specifications. "A secret development" is next in line. It is an automatic reporting and control system of an impending train on the railway. This system will also be unique because there is nowhere else a similar system in the world.

Companies like “REC” are not a rarity in most developed countries like Italy, Germany and England. It is more the exception than the rule for our own economy. However, such companies will always be exceptions. Because it is welcomed extraordinary people, appreciate lateral thinking and rely only on themselves here that is not typical for our reality.