George Matyshnyuk: "We need to help not to the worst but to the best."

President of company «REC», George Matyshnyuk, played once KVN when he was a student of Polytechnic Institute.  In the interview of the First Informative Portal of Zhitomir he told  about the upcoming of Ukrainian Festival the best children's and youth teams of KVN "Smіhovik-2012", the importance of socially responsible business, his own intentions and plans to support young people in Zhitomir.

George Matyshnyuk always supported young people: "Girls from Zhitomir" brought Kivin last year, and before that they brought it to Zhitomir. Both times I was there to support and help them."

"I have other motives now, much deeper. I consider that two generations of young people we have lost, and we do not want to lose even a third", - reasoning the President of company “REC”. He believes that there is a need to help the best but not the worst because then they have to pull off all the rest: “I try to help the best part of our young people" - and proves it not just in words but in deeds acting as the organizer of Ukrainian festival of the best children's and youth teams KVN" Smіhovik 2012."

According to opinion of George Matyshnyuk, it is very difficult to speak about socially responsible business in Zhitomir: “Generally business of Zhitomir is of low level, most businessmen do not have an opportunity to help someone, to invest in social projects. Perhaps many would like, but cannot due to circumstances."

George Matyshnyuk who has a great desire to help young people is not planning the future ahead:

"As long as there is a possibility - I help. But - adds - anything can happen in our time. "

He wishes success and luck for KVN teams that will meet in Zhitomir’s Television center on the stage but warns that the judging will be strict.

We remind thatthe Festival of the best children's and youth teams KVN "Smіhovik-2012" will be held on the 9th of February in Telecenter.