Company history

The history of persons. Background of REC creation.

  “Genuine names tell the story of things that they belong to"

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

People, their minds, enthusiasm, goals and ambitions always stand out behind every story and action…

The history of REC began long before its creation, in the distant 70's, when a group of young enthusiasts united by love to music and creativity, organized a music band "Space Soldering Irons." George Matyshnyuk was one of the organizers of the musical band was and one of the ideological founders of REC. 

In the process of the band development and activities, the deficit of sound equipment in the USSR market became obvious. It has encouraged George Matyshnyuk, an ambitious student of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute to start creating sound systems. At that time manufacturing process was done in a simple carpenter's workshop where the first amplifiers were made. It was the complete implementation of engineering knowledge and radioamateur skills. Work experience in the scientific and engineering sector of "Elektroizmeritel" in the end of 70's played an important role in the development of sound engineering.  This company has been considered one of the largest in the USSR. While working there, George Matyshnyuk had an access to new technologies and know-how which was helpful forthe implementation of the conceived plan for the development of acoustic systems and sound amplifiers.

Ambitiousness, striving for new heights, the desire for self-realization played an important role in motivating him to be "in constant motion and search". This feature has undoubtedly contributed to the acquisition of new knowledge and acquaintances. At that time, his destiny was to meet V.Voloshin and L.Fedorchuk, the authors of the "Musical Instruments" book, and also Lev Termen, the maker of the first electronic instrument called "theremin". At the same time the supply channels were acquired with the help of his friends, imported dynamics and components that were very scarce in those days. That’s all permitted to make engineering development of George Matyshnyuk much better and utilize world-class technologies in his products.

It lasted until 1986, when the development of the cooperative movement inspired George, who had already achieved success in his business, to become one of the founders of the first cooperative in Zhitomir called Krok (Step). However, after some time George Matyshnyuk left the cooperative because of ideological differences and, in the same 1986, created a Union cooperative, which was planned to become the manufacturer of professional sound equipment with the processes of development and sales but the production process should be carried out in a cooperation. A bit later he decided to build up the production facilities directly on the basis of the Union cooperative  because of low quality of products produced by third party  and absence of skilled workers. These steps have turned the organization in a full-cycle production.

At that time Union produced sound amplifiers of FUSION series which gained recognition in the market. A bit later professional power amplifiers PPS600, PPS1200 and NEXT series were presented.

 While expanding the circle of acquaintances, George Matyshnyuk met Ruben Khokhriakov, the founder of "Aris Pro" in the end of 80's in Moscow. Their friendship lasts until to the present day. This life-changing meeting with Ruben gave the possibilities for learning the needs and entering the Russian market which gave the impulse for further product development and moving to the new stage of REC brand development.


1991 – 2000, the epoch of the birth and development of REC

 "The one, who cares about the quality can also catch up with quantity, but the one, who cares about the quantity won’t catch up with the quality."

 Haroun Agatsarsky

In 1991, the enterprise passed state registration procedure and was officially called REC, Limited liability company.

The company moved to the stage of active development, search of technological solutions and implementation of planned projects.

 The PAA-600S amplifier was produced, which became the best-selling model among professional power amplifiers (from 1991 to 1999, more than 20,000 items have been sold) in the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe.

 At the same time cooperation with European suppliers of components has been developing, which enabled the production of a new amplifier generation in the REC stock list - PF Series amplifiers with transistors of Mosfet type. Later the PF Series was upgraded to PFM (Millenium), in which Exicon Lateral MOSFETs are used up to the present day.

Partnership with companies like RCF, Beyerdynamic, D & B Audiotechnik, as well as close cooperation, allow implementation of the newly acquired know-how and technologies in the production of our own products. Eventually it has led to the creation of Optimus, Nominus and Tour Expedition acoustic systems together with scientists from Minsk.

 Besides, since 1995, there is an active development, engineering and manufacturing of Public Address Systems. The development of such products as SDGGSO Park and its modifications,  Perron, Gong public address amplifiers and other products was carried out.


2001 – 2010, the era of ideas and projects implementation.

"The only happiness in life is the constant aspiration go ahead"

 Emile Zola

From 2001 to 2007, the main activity of REC is the implementation of projects in the sector of public address and translating systems.

 There is an active development and line extension of public address and broadcasting systems that have strengthened the company's position in the market and allows implementation of a number of major projects. Here are selected examples:

  • Conference Center, the Central videoconferencing studios of Ministry of Transport, offices of Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) and Pivdenna Zaliznytsia (Southern Railways)
  • Public address system of the Kiev-Passenger railway station, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Public address system - Kiev-Kharkov, Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk high-speed routes, Ukrainian sector of Kiev-Moscow track.
  • Technological communication – base depot of the Syretsko-Pecherskaya line of Kiev subway (Kiev)
  • Conference communication - Central videoconferencing studios of Ministry of Transport, Departments of Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) and Pivdenna Zaliznytsia (Southern Railways).
  • Complex sound system for sports facilities – Locomotive Sports Complex (Kharkov).

 The development of Signal system used for warning about the high-speed trains approach by Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian railways) should be especially emphasized.

During this active period of  of public address and broadcasting systems development by REC the production of professional sound equipment played secondary role, although it laid the foundation for the company operation.

 In 2007, there is a revival of the PRO-sound products popularity. Later, in 2009 sound amplifiers of TS, CS, MS, PA series and also the range of CS series acoustic systems enter the market. According to the ideology of REC, only the best components are used in the company products, which allows manufacturing the products ofrespective quality level and winning the "hearts and ears" of their buyers.

The end of the decade was marked by emerging of the third field of REC production development  – it was the production of LED lamps. In 2010 serial production of Altair LED lamps (RL series) was started.