The main company activity is the development, manufacture and sales of Public Address Systems and professional sound amplifying and acoustic equipment. REC is licensed by the State Committee for Construction, Architecture and Housing Policy of Ukraine for the right to work on the engineering, construction and installation of internal and external utilities, as well as projection, installation and commissioning of communication systems, signaling systems, TV, etc. The company has its own Construction Department that allows for the development of products according to the customer's specifications.

assembly process
Assembly process

The number of companyemployees working on a permanent basis is about 100 persons. This is a team of like-minded professionals, many of whom have been working for over 10 years at the company.


The main significance and comprehensive outcome of the workforce consists in providing the product quality and reliability.

There are 12 technical specifications for products and comprehensive standards governing quality requirements - "Equipment of sound systems" at the enterprise.

incoming inspection of components
Incoming inspection of components

All products undergo acceptance testing for compliance with the main regulations. The incoming control of product components is organized.

All measuring instruments are tested and certified each year. The enterprise has its own electrical measuring laboratory certified for conducting measurements in the fields of human life and heal thprotection and, electrical, acoustic and lighting equipment parameters. There is also an acoustic measurement chamber which is a part of the laboratory.

Tests for electromagnetic compatibility to impact of external climatic and mechanical factors are conducted in accredited laboratories in the established order. Serial production and main manufacture are regularly certified according to the system of UkrSEPRO State Standard of Ukraine and tested by the state supervision authority – the regional center of standardization and certification.

One of the greatest creative achievements of the team is the development, production, installation and successful commissioning of the Passenger information address system of the railway station Kiev-Passenger which has been highly esteemed by leading native and foreign experts.

 Due to long-term output of competitive and high-quality products REC was awarded a diploma of the national contest “The Highest Quality” as well, as numerous prizes and diplomas of national and international exhibitions.

Rationality, Efficiency and Quality are the main three factors in the REC success. The REC slogan – “Harmony of details”– supports these features .


Company’s potential

Staff. The personnel of company REC are a team of like-minded professionals who know what to do to be the best in the business.

staff of the company “REC”
— staff of the company “REC”

Equipment. In the production process of the company are involved state procurement, machining, wiring and assembly equipment. Manufacture of printed circuit boards, plastic details and galvanization is carried out under direct contracts by specialized companies.

assembly facilities

Developments. The high level of engineering and development activities of the company is based on years of experience of leading experts, the accumulated database of engineering and the use of modern computational tools. Development of “REC” is the compliance with international standards, high quality and reliability that based on the original circuit and engineering solutions.

power amplifier of “Platform” series

The best developments of “REC” are:

  • Professional Power Amplifier PA -600.
  • Professional Power Amplifiers of PF and PFM series.
  • Intercoms of “Dialogue” series.
  • Strengthening-relay stations and power amplifiers of “Platform” series.
  • Systems of two-way public address “Park”, “Park – 1M”, “Park-2MK” series.
  • Multifunctional amplifier relaying stations of “Gong” series
  • Horn loudspeakers of series GR
  • Professional power amplifiers CS and TS series
  • System of multi-zone broadcasting – cardio “Cardio Sound”.

Production cycle of company is a universal technological process that allows in producing more than fifty names of products of small and medium-lot production every year.

technological process
— technological process