Professional sound equipment

Professional sound equipment

The main purpose of REC is the development and production of the equipment of high quality and affordable price in its market segment of professional sound equipment which can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding user. Being a combination of strict and classic design and advanced sound technologies, REC sound equipment embodies the balance of sound quality and style.

The examples of REC power amplifiers and acoustic systems application range from small cafes and disco clubs to stadiums and concert venues.

The components of leading world producers are used in the manufacturing of professional sound equipment. Product quality is confirmed by the 20-year operation history of power amplifiers and acoustic systems under the brand REC.

Acoustic Systems

CS series is the installation series and it is intended for professional use in permanent installations equipped with high-quality compression RF driver and low frequency speakers of RCF Precision. The use of high-quality components helps to create flexible and efficient systems for any project. RCF speakers in combination with correctly calculated volume of the body, precisely tuned system of filters and optimally matched waveguide can exactly reproduce even the tiniest nuances of the instrument or voice soundingin any circumstances, while maintaining purity and clarity of sound.

The series is produced with 2 subwoofers and 3 kinds of tops. Its sound power ranges from 600W to 1300W.

M-Series is a line of high-quality stage monitors of different sizes with different functional characteristics.

Due to use of PCCN technology (Phase Compensated Crossover network) and balanced form of waveguides, the products of Monitor M-Series are effective and multipurpose tools for artists, musicians and sound engineers. They also offer high stability level to an emergence of acoustic communication feedback, well-defined angle of sound directivity and serviceability.

Power Amplifiers

PFM series (Millennium) is a series of professional Hi-End class sound power amplifiers, the main criterion for which is sound quality and modeling. Exicon Lateral MOSFETs technology is used in the REC PFM series amplifier circuitry, due to which they are extremely reliable to secondary-induced and thermal breakdowns.
PFM Series lineup includes 5 models ranging from PFM1500 to PFM3600.

CS series is represented by G class power amplifiers designed to meet the highest requirements to amplifiers of their class. Many years of experience, innovative solutions, usage of only high-quality components of world-known producers helped to create a series of power amplifiers that combine high sound quality, power characteristics and reliability.
The series includes amplifies ranging from CS2000 to CS4400 that can be used in the amplification systems of medium and large sizes.

MS series is represented by medium class power amplifiers. They are used in the amplification systems of small and medium sizes.
MS Series includes 2 models: MS1200 and MS1500.