UM 200N power amplifiers

Series: Перон
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Functional features:

    • one priority and three universal inputs (models SM 200 and SM 600);
    • interruption of signals from line and universal inputs and broadcasting the signal from the input PRIORITY to the control    command;
    • faders for each input (models SM 200 and SM 600);
    • tone controls for low, medium and high frequencies (in the models SM 200 and SM 600);
    • the option of switching on sound processors in the channel of low-frequency signal;
    • in-line filters of low and high frequencies;
    • built-in safety systems of short circuit and overloads on an output
    • output signal about standing condition

The main technical characteristics:

Parameter nameCharacteristics
Nominal electric output, W 200
Output voltage rating, V min 30,120
Minimal EMF of supply, max
– input MICROPHONE, mV
– input PRIORITY, V
– input LINE, V
– input LINE LEVEL, V

– /1,0 

– /0,5 

0,5 /1,0
Input impedance, kOhm, min
– input PRIORITY
– input LINE
– input LINE LEVEL

– / 10

– / 20

20 / 10
Effective working frequency range (2 db), Hz From 40 to 16000
The limits of the tone control at the frequencies 100 (LF), 1000 (MF) and 10000 (HF) Hz, dB, min  
Total harmonic distortion, %, max 3
Signal/noise ratio, dB, min 70
Power input, VA, max 410
Total dimensions, mm, max 483x89x390 of signal
Weight, kg, max 15,5
 Note - The values in the numerator correspond to the symmetrical, the denominator – the unsymmetrical powering of a supply.