“Selector-16” SDGGSO

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Functional features:


Functional features:

-          operator’s call to a subscriber with the help of a control panel

-          subscriber’s call to an operator with the help of a two-way communication device of subscriber

-          buzzer signal transfer before announcement

-          conducting two-way communication sessions between the announcer-operator and the subscriber;

-          connecting an external loudspeaker to the control panel of subscriber;

-          continuously variable volume level of loudspeaker;

-          two-stage volume control of the subscriber’s control panel;

-          connecting an external amplifier;

-          two versions of operator control panels: table and for the 19-inch rack installation;

-          three versions of subscriber control panels: with a microphone on a flexible rack, built-in microphone and built-in microphone in a vandal-resistant casing

The main technical characteristics:

Parameter name


The maximum number of independently addressable subscribers, persons


Nominal electric output  of a power amplifier control unit BSS-8 (BSS-16), W


Output voltage rating of a power amplifier control unit BSS-8 (BSS-16), V


The maximum power consumption of AC, VA, max


Input and output signal levels of the control unit BSS-8 (BSS-16), dB (V)

minus 12 (0,2) or 4 (1,23)

Effective frequency range (4 dB), Hz

from 300 to 3400

Total harmonic distortion, %, max


Signal/noise ratio, dB, min


The maximum length of the subscriber’s line (from the BSS unit to the  subscriber’s control panel PA without external loudspeakers), m

to 1000