Park-3 SDGGO

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Functional features:


Functional features:

-an option to operate with two types of intercommunication systems: PPU.M2 (M2V) or PPU.R1 (R2)

-an option to connect an additional power amplifier;

-transmission of messages from the commander’s control panel for one or arbitrarily given group of feeders;

- simplex loudspeaker communication between the commander and the performer initiated by the commander or the performer;

-loudspeaker communication between intercommunication systems of performers connected to the single feeder

-transfer to all or only specified feeders of pre-recorded messages.





-          ASS-100 (amplifying-switching station)

-          CICP-M commander’s intercom control panel

-          CP control pedal

-          IPD-PZ input-protector device

-         FI. M2 (М2V) or FI-R1(R2)* fleet intercom;

-         HS 10/10 horn speaker

-          TLT 200R line transformer

The main technical characteristics:

Parameter name


Output power of ASS, W

100 Вт

Quantity of feeders


Quantity of commanders


The maximum length of cable lines:
from ASS to the commander’s intercom control panel, m
from ASS to the remote fleet intercommunication system, m


The maximum quantity of the fleet intercommunication systems on the feeder, items