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Functional features:

Functional features:


Organization of two-way loudspeaker communication network in the area of industrial facility, the work technology of which requires more than 8 commanders (operators), technological processes and more than 8 independently addressable feeders in broadcasting power of each feeder up to 400W.


SDGGSO "2MK Park" is a few of 2 to 4 amplifying and switching stations of public address system ASS: nK-mF-N (Ru / Pz) of product SDGGSO "Park-2M" combined into a single network GGS (GGO) of the industrial object using a set of instruments of commander KA-32F (16F).

Functionality of SDGGSO "Park 2MK" conforms to the capacities of SDGGSO "Park-2M", except for:

• the mode of "dialogue" is not supported by commander’s control panels  PKP-32F (16F) which are the part of the equipment complex of a commander KA - 32F (16F);
• there is no possibility of regulation of negotiations between the commanders where the control panels are not connected to the one common ASS: nK-mF-N (Ru / Pz);
• there is no possibility of negotiations between performers, located at the feeders served by different ASS: nK-mF-N (Ru / Pz).



Equipment of the central equipment room:

-    from 2 to 4 amplifier and switching stations of public address systems ASS: nK-mF-N (Ru/ Pz) of product SDGGSO "Park-2M";

-          input-protector device IPD-nK-mF, the number and types of which are determined by the configuration of supplied ASS;

-          hand receiver (1 item)


Monitoring equipment (commander’s equipment):

-          commander’s equipment complex KA-4F

-          commander’s equipment complex KA-8F

-          commander’s equipment complex KA-16F

-          commander’s equipment complex KA-32F



Floor equipment (equipment of performers):

-          fleet intercom PI. M2, PI.M4, PI.M4.1

-          horn speakers

-          line transformer TLT 200R



The main technical characteristics:

Parameter name


Output power of ASS, W

Up to12,8 kW

Out power  in the feeder, W

200 or 400

Quantity of feeders

Up to 32

Quantity of commanders

Up to 29

The maximum length of cable lines:
from ASS to the commander’s intercom control panel, m
from ASS to the remote fleet intercommunication system, m


The maximum quantity of the fleet intercoms on the feeder, items