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Functional features:

Functional features:

-          messaging of the operator or assistant to one or arbitrarily given group of feeders;

-          simulcast of Loud warning messages of the operator or assistant to transfer all the feeders as well as other remote control panel- 4F;

      -    simplex public address system between control panel of the operator or assistant and posts in the Quiet (message transfer to the loudspeaker intercom) or Loud (message transfer to the alert loudspeakers) communication; 

-          public address system in Quiet or Loud mode communication between the posts being at one feeder;

-          public address system between control panel of the operator and assistant

-          Loud announcement on all or only on the assigned feeders of information coming from the external audio source

-          organization of an additional channel of two-way simplex communication between the control panel of the operator or assistant and subscriber under the type of interactive communication "client-cashier"

-          evaluation maintenance of the transmitting feeders with the built-in test control device



Equipment of the central equipment room:

-          1K-4F-N ASS (amplifying-switching station)

-          IPD-1K-4F input-protector device

-          hand receiver

-          “Network” cable


Monitoring equipment (commander’s equipment)

-          IC-4F commander’s intercom control panel

-          PGU-1K power generating and protecting unit

-          CP control pedal

-          “Input” cable


Floor equipment (equipment of performers):

-         FI. M2 fleet intercom

-         FI. M2V fleet intercom

-         HS 10/10 horn speaker

-          TLT 200R line transformer






The main technical characteristics

Parameter Name


Output power of ASS, W


The maximum length of cable lines:
from ASS to the commander’s intercom control panel, m
from ASS to the remote fleet intercommunication system, m


The maximum quantity of the fleet intercommunication systems on the feeder, items