PMP microphone consoles

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Functional features:


Functional features:

Microphone consoles are intended for simultaneous use with Gong series SM 100 or SM 160 power amplifiers produced by REC.

Microphone consoles are intended for indoor installation in the absence of aggressive media, conductive dust and designed for continuous operation under the following conditions:

- ambient temperature, ° C ranging from 1 to 40;
- relative humidity at +25 º C and lower temperatures without moisture condensation, %, max 80;
- atmospheric pressure, kPa (mm of mercury column), ranging from 84 to 106.7 (650 to 800)



MCC microphone console can be used in 3 working modes -Receiving, Transmission and Priority.

The main technical characteristics:


Parameter name


Microphone directivity


Sensitivity, mV/Pa, min


Nominal power of a loudspeaker, W, min


Frequency range, Hz

from 63 to12500

Signal/noise ratio, dB, min


Maximum permissible length of the connecting cables of line , m


Total dimensions, mm, max


Weight, kg, max


Climatic modification

UHL 4.2