GR 10/10 horn loudspeakers

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Functional features:

Functional features:

GR series horn loudspeakers are intended for outdoor use under the conditions of meteorological precipitation and solar radiation and also indoor operation with high noise level in the range of operating temperatures from -60 to +40 ° C.

Ingress Protection Rating IP43 is defined in the GOST 14254 standard.

There is an option to connect to broadcasting lines of 30 or 120 V voltage through a matching transformer. 





The main technical characteristics

Parameter nameCharacteristics
Nominal electric output, W 10
Input voltage rating, V 30 or 120
Effective working frequency range, Hz from 500 to 4000
Available power response level, dB, min 103
Max SPL, dB 114
Total dimensions, mm, max

Weight, kg, max 1,9