Vladimir Shynkaruk has recorded a new song and told us about his recital at the Savior. Video

Володимир Шинкарук записав пісню й розповів про творчий вечір на Спаса. Відео

Recording studio “REC” is the place where songs of Vladimir Shynkaruk become compositions that are composed of music albums.

Since 2004, Vladimir Shynkaruk records his songs in the studio "REC" because according to him, the equipment is such that few places you can find. Our musician had to work in different recording studios in Kiev, Moscow and Warsaw. He says that there are many studios to compare with.

The main idea to invite the journalists for song record is of ​​marketing manager of the company REC Alina Zelinskaya. She says that these days Vladimir Shynkaruk is working on recording a new album. We had to take this opportunity.

So, a recording studio was shown to reporters which was equipped with modern equipment and created with using techniques that give a unique sound.

Then Vladimir Shynkaruk recorded a song "Sarcophagus" which will be one of other songs in the album "Mentioned and forgotten" (25 songs) in the presence of media. Musician is planning to finish work up to this year.


After analyzing the state of his musical archive, Vladimir Shynkaruk found a lot of old unrecorded songs. They differ from its current creative work in structure. Combining these old songs with recently written compositions, the singer crystallized album title - "Mentioned and forgotten."


On the 19th of August it will be held the fourth recital of Vladimir Shynkaruk at Saviour in Drama theatre. There will be blessed apples and sing songs. There will be sound songs and poems by Vladimir Shynkaruk performance and his talented friends.

There are no tickets now. It is expected a full house.