TV channel “My Zhitomir” – Vladimir Shinkaruk has recorded a new song in the presence of journalists

Vladimir Shynkaruk has recorded a song in the presence of journalists.

The famous Ukrainian writer and singer, poet, composer, teacher and stage director Vladimir Shynkaruk has recorded a new song in the presence of journalists. Such event has probably occurred for the first time in Ukraine. Media representatives have never seen before birth of music piece.

Songs by Vladimir Shynkaruk are recorded almost 10 years in the radioelectronic company “REC”. He has already recorded five albums here. He prepares the sixth album now. The writer and singer recorded in different studios in Ukraine and abroad before but he feels most comfortable in “REC” studio.

For this reason it was organized a meeting of Vladimir Shynkaruk with journalists in a cozy press center of company “REC” where he presented his recital of broken date.

The concert will be held on the 19th of August on Savior holiday in Zhitomir Academic Theatre of Ivan Kocherha at 19.00. There are no any invitation tickets. All of them have been taken by friends and fans. The author admitted that he did not expect such rush. It means that the Zhitomir citizens have been waiting for a long time such large recital of famous master.

After concert presentation it was preceded the company outing and a song record “Sarcophagus”. Journalists visited one of the best recording studios in CIS and Europe. There is everything to record songs for solo singers and groups. Moreover it’s also a sound research center. Company REC produces sound, sound amplifying equipment and public address systems. So scientific precision and practical experience are the main sound approaches here.

The members of media were eyewitnesses of the exciting process. At first, Vladimir Shynkaruk has recorded a guitar, then vocals. After that Konstantin Tsibizov, a talented keyboardist, composer and arranger recorded keyboards. Then a guitar virtuoso Alexander Kraynov played some guitar parts. A sound producer of sound studio REC Igor Novitzkiy completed a song.

So while the final stage of song birth seethed, Vladimir Shynkaruk told reporters about the upcoming recital. Artist told that there will be traditionally blessed apples, make jokes and sing songs of Vladimir Shynkaruk on the stage of Kocherga Theatre. Composer will sing songs himself and together with his family and friends - Irina Shynkaruk , Yuriy Gradovskiy and the group " Drevlyans ", ensemble "Chip" , Victor Gubanov and music group “Constellation Blues”. The last is an unusual folk- blues project "Embroidered Shynkaruk". It will be also presented a new book of Vladimir Shynkaruk "In the shadow of sun" and the album "I listen to my heart".

When it was creating a company REC, there were a lot of people who were engaged in sound equipment business. There were survived and stayed on the market only the most talented and those who really like their work. Everyone really likes music in company REC. That is why there is a unique of two guitars in the whole world – Gibson Les Paul that was created especially for a legendary Jimmy Page. Vladimir Shynkaruk is recorded here only because of love.