REC M15 Monitor Testing by the «Avant» company at the concerts.

There were presented stage monitors REC M15 for testing in "live" conditions to the sound set of Lolita Milyavskaya tour in Ukraine, as well as for concerts of Katerina Buzhinskaya, Vitas and other stars of the national and world stage by the rental company “Avant” in a joint project of companies "REC" and «Avant». 

Comments of the representatives of the company “Avant” and some kind of performers:

Stage monitors REC M15 included to the monitoring system for a concert tour of Lolita have caused many delights like technical staff and a singer. Getting to know with an acoustic system of the representatives of the rental company «Avant» was directly during a presentation at the business event "Acquaintance with the company REC" from the manufacturer. But listen to the monitor in the Show-room, and hear all positive and negative sides are possible only in the actual work directly on the stage. Company "REC" kindly provided us 4 acoustic systems for the test.

 The first positive side the monitor M15 merited due to the relatively low weight.

"I am very satisfied of the weight of the Monitor, it is really easy with all its characteristics. It is an important factor when you have 10 tons of equipment and 20 concerts in different cities. It’s not necessary to be a great mathematician: it’s necessary to unload 10-20 tons of equipment per day, assemble and dismantle after the concert and back to load. And it's a tight time schedule, so even with not always convenient access to the work area when each kilogram of cargo is important" – shared his opinion chief electronics technician of “Avant” Artem Viblyi.

According to the technical requirements of this concert tour monitors M 15 were better than the rest.One of the requirements was a low level of feedback - in the nominal mode, the singer uses a condenser microphone Neumann KMS 105. The second term was a visibility of the scene. Monitors of the1st line must not overlap the view from the hall, and despite of its major function to be small as possible in height. Our rental company has Monitors Tannoy V15, EAW S SM129zi, EAW S SM159zi in its arsenal, but no model came up because of the size. Although earlier there were used monitors Tannoy V15 for the same task. Monitor REC M 15 was very suitable for this stage production. The basic functionality was also gratified our sound engineers, the monitor accurately conveys sound of instruments and voices.

"The most important thing is that all sound well, everything can be heard. It is comfortably on a stage. Good monitors, sound, they don’t clutter up the stage - that's good." (Lolita)

As it was mentioned above, the low level of feedback allowed exclude excesses from a circuit. In this case, the feedback suppressors, additional processors and frequency correctors, thus allowing reduce the financial part of rental equipment.


The tract of a monitor line worked out tritely simple: EQ - amplifier - monitor. In more details, we used the EQ Klark Teknik DN360 - Amplifier Lab. gruppen FP2600 - a monitor acoustic system REC M15.

"We worked a few concerts on these monitors on the recommendation of our sound engineer. It is very high-quality sound. I will say that sound is vivid. I liked it. "(Katya Buzhynskaya)


Complete monitoring system was a composite complex. There were used multiple monitor lines for convenience of the singer. The first additional line consisted of four monitors EAW S SM129zi, equalizer Klark Teknik DN360 and amplifier Lab. gruppen FP2600, and was at the front of the stage. The main, the first line - four monitors REC M15, equalizer Klark Teknik DN360 and amplifier Lab. gruppen FP2600. The third monitor line, side - "sidefill", to increase the overall volume of sounding monitor system on stage consisted of elements of a line array dB Technologies DVA T4 - 8 items, and subwoofers dB Technologies DVA S20 - 2 items, equalizer Klark Teknik DN360, located in left and right sides. The fourth monitor line was also "sidefill" and composed of elements of the active line array dB Technologies DVA T12 - 6 items, subwoofers dB Technologies DVA S30 - 2 items and equalizer Klark Teknik DN360, the left and right sides. Monitor lines of musicians, a guitarist, a bassist and a keyboardist consisted of equalizers Klark Teknik DN360, amplifiers Lab. gruppen FP2600 and acoustic monitoring systems Tannoy V15 2 items in each line. The drum line "Drum Fill" consisted of active acoustic systems LEM Pegasus 212 sat and a subwoofer LEM Pegasus 118 sub.


Among the other products of manufacturers from around the world, stage monitors REC M15 of Ukrainian manufacturer, worthy approved in actual work. Stage monitors made ​​serious competition to eminent brands on many points. It is decided to expand the monitor park of our company by this acoustic system as the result of the test using of M15. At the moment, these monitors have been used with some Ukrainian, Russian and Canadian artists. Positive feedback on the acoustic gave these singers: Katya Buzhynskaya (Ukraine), Vasily Bondarchuk (Ukraine), Alexander Kostoglot (Canada), Vyacheslav Girenko (USA), the group "London Hill" (Ukraine), the group "Drums of fire" (Russia), Lolita (Russia), Vitas (Russia), Alexander Malinin (Russia).