New! Stage Monitor REC M15

Autumn of 2012 was marked of upgrading acoustics CS series and development of a new line of acoustic systems series Monitors (M series) for company “REC”.

Up to date, the first product in the line of the M-Series is the stage monitor M15, the presentation of which took place in September at the exhibition of sound and musical equipment "Music Fair 2012" in Kiev (Ukraine).

Acoustic system REC M15 is a balance of a strong design and high-quality sound. It can be used both in fixed installations and in mobile sound reinforcement systems with the same success.

Stage Monitor REC M15 is a high-quality two-way stage monitor with a 15-inch neodymium dynamic head of coaxial type.

There are used only components of a high quality and the dynamic heads of the Italian company RCF of Precision series which can realize a balance of sound, quality and durability to the M15 in combination with precision computation of case, the horn and the optimum crossover (filter system), created by engineers of “REC”.

Functional features ofREC M15:

  •  15-inch Neodymium dynamic head RCF Precision of coaxial type with a 3,5-inch voice coil;
  • HF driver with a 2.5-inch titanium diaphragm and 1.4-inch throat RCF Precision, neodymium magnet system;
  •  Constant directivity horn with 80 ° opening angle in the vertical and 50 ° in the horizontal planes;
  • Equipped with a crossover frequency of the LF and HF section 1250 Hz;
  • A body of special form of 18 mm made from plywood and textured acrylic coating;
  • Perforated screen wire of 2 mm thick covered with acoustically transparent foam;
  • Connector SPEAKON Nl4.


The main technical features:


Parameter namePeriodic rating
Nominal electrical output rating, W 600
Limiting long-term power, W 1200
Nominal impedance, Ohm 8
Reproducible frequency band, Hz (minus 6 дБ) from 60 to 20000
Radiation angle in horizontal plane, degrees (minus 6 дБ) 50
Radiation angle in vertical plane, degrees (minus 6 дБ) 80
Available power response, dB 99
Max SPL, dB 133
Total dimensions, mm 358х576х605
Weight, kg 29


Acoustic system M15 we recommend to use a power amplifier CS2600 and above in operating mode which allows the maximum efficiency use of all the resources of the stage monitor.

Acoustic systems REC M15 will be available in the fourth quarter 2012.

Stage Monitor REC M15 - «firstborn" in the acoustic systems series M. In a short time the other models will be also presented on the market of professional equipment. Follow the news on the website  as well as our partners.