Power amplifiers of series PA (New Fusion) are discontinued.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, the management of "REC" has decided to discontinue the line of professional power amplifiers of series PA (New Fusion). 

Power amplifiers REC of series PA (New Fusion) were widely recognized in the segment of budget amplifiers on the market which are used in a sector of low-power installations and sounding of actions. Series PA (New Fusion) is produced of three models: PA 600SN, PA 800SN, PA 1000SN.


The company “REC” offers the remains of the power amplifiers PA 800SN and PA 1000SN today. 


Functional features:


Protection system from

  • Sustained overload of input
  • Overloading and overheating of the output stage transistors
  • Short circuit, DC voltage of infralow frequencies in output
  • Transients at start, Soft start.


Possibility of installing in a standard 19 "RACKs.

Input connectors:

  • XLR, JACK 1/4"

Output connectors:



  • availability performance
  • protection system actuation
  • five-digit indicator of output level for each channel.

Logarithmic controls of the output level.

Stereo/mono/bridge switch

Limiter preset switch

Disabling the body from common wire circuit


  • Automatically controlled fan of two-speed of direct current.


Additional information and specification of models: