Modified acoustics REC CS-Series

The company "REC" produced modification of professional acoustic systems of series CS, the presentation of which took place in an updated form in the music exhibition "Music Fair 2012" in Kiev.

Series CS are the compact high-confidence two-way acoustic systems equipped with the high quality compression HF driver and low frequency dynamic heads RCF Precision. The use of high quality components allows you to create flexible and efficient systems for any project.

Dynamics RCF that are constructed by Italian engineers exactly reproduce even the smallest nuances of sounding instruments or voices in all circumstances, maintaining the purity and clarity of sound.


Acoustic systems REC CS is the installation series and meant for professional use in permanent installations in entertainment centers, clubs, concert halls, restaurants, and so on.


All changes and modifications concern only the design and body of acoustics. The same is reflected in the branding of models. Now they are called CS rev. 1.1.


The major changes and modifications of Series CS rev. 1.1:

  • moisture-proof plywood body
  • coating technology
  • construction fastening of protective screen
  • design of protective screen
  • onstruction of the panel terminal block


Acoustic systems REC of Series CS rev. 1.1 will be available in November and already the new prices. Acoustics CS in the "previous" form will not be issued.

The company "REC" offers the remains of the acoustic systems CS in "previous" form. Additional information is available to get from our dealers and partners.