1,800 new LED lights were installed in Zhitomir

1800 новых светодиодных фонарей уже установили в Житомире

More than 1,800 LED lights were already installed in Zhitomir instead of the outdated and energy-intensive incandescent filament lamps.

Public utilities have even calculated savings from new lighting elements.

“Real energy savings of the LED lights we have already experienced. This is testified by the specific counter register counters, "- says Yuriy Yanushevich, the director of public utility" Gorsvet" and city councillor of Zhitomir.

"The consumption is less on 300 kW / h due to LED lights projected this year in the enterprises. It is the annual electricity consumption of 100-apartment house.

This high economic effect is also corroborated by the social effect. In fact new lights give better quality of lighting, light flux is longer in 2.5 times.

What concerns the quality of the lighting elements, utility providers convince that LED lights have 7-year warranty from the manufacturer, in reality there will be able to serve up to 15 years without replacement of lamps. And this is the additional savings because there is no need to involve technology, fuel and high-rise towers.

LED lights of national production are certified and consume power less than in 5 times. Service life is about 15 years.

Yuriy Yanushevich says that 1800 LED lights significantly improved street lighting quality of the city: "If people called us mostly not satisfied of lighting in the past, now they call and thank us for the work that we've done."

Installing work of LED lights is planning to continue next year. In particular, there is prepared a project to provide similar Led lights at all pedestrian crossings.


Source: Zhitomir’s journal