RL-23 series LED lamp for architectural lighting in “Svitlo-lux” journal

Manufacturing company “REC” presents LED lights for architectural lighting of series RL.

LED light RL-23 is intended for architectural lighting of buildings, monuments and other objects. Protection rating is IP65.

Mean time between failures is min 40000 hours. Average service life before cancellation is at least 15 years. Warranty period of the product is 36 months from the date of commissioning with
 prior storage of 12 months from the date of manufacture.




Luminous flux of LED light: with white light-emitting diodes – 1890 Lm, with red – 275 Lm, with green – 350 Lm, with blue – 85 Lm.

Main power at the 220 V - max 25 W

Quantity of control channels DMX512 – 8.

Quantity of wired programs – 9

LED lights RL-23 are producing in different modifications:

-          with white light-emitting diodes and the radiation angle of ±5°, ±9°; ±27°;

-          with RGB light-emitting diodes and the radiation angle of ±5°, ±9°; ±27°

There is an opportunity to produce LED lights with other combinations of light-emitting diodes in the following colors: white, amber, red, green and blue.

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