“Show Master” - REC SM 5120

The company “REC” produced translational mixer amplifier SM5120. It is not difficult to understand that the number of inputs in a mixer section is five, and the output power is 120 watts from its name. The device is dedicated for functioning in 100 volt networks of small systems of background sound. The main functional feature of SM5120 is the possibility to connect external power amplifiers through the balanced output SLAVE, and the signal can be taken as to the volume control, and after (for this there is a separate switch PRE / POST). 

This function is relevant if the mixer amplifier is connected by several additional power amplifiers in parallel: it keeps them very convenient to change the volume of the entire amplifier system with a single regulator for SM5120. The device is equipped with a handy set of additional features: switchable phantom power on all microphone inputs, switchable sound activation priority of input 1, controlled volume signal "Bim-Bom", the inclusion of an emergency priority of input 1 with an external control signal ("dry contacts").

 The main technical parameters:  Power output is 120 W; Nominal output voltage – 50 or 100V; effective frequency range is from 50 to 16000 Hz; signal-noise ratio is min 65 dB; protection degree is IP20; total dimensions: 483x245x96 mm; height: 2U; weight: 5 kg.

Source: http://www.show-master.ru/categories/rec_sm5120_.html?sphrase_id=5520