“Show-Master” — REC. Altair RL-10

Ukrainian company “REC” produced stage LED lights PAR 56. The main advantage is the usage of high-brightness light-emitting diodes CREE (USA) which provide a powerful light output with low power consumption. LED light RL-10 is intended for indoor and outdoor use in the absence of precipitation. It can work in the free-running mode or in a remote control DMX 512. Construction of LED module: RGB and White. There are Master and Slave modes. There is a possibility of synchronous or shifted in a pitch for series connected lamps. You can change the speed of color change and strobe period. It operates as a flood light source with the ability to control the color tone.
Altair RL-10 has 6 wired programs, 8 speed modes, 8 channels DMX 512. AC voltage supply is 85-264 V.  Power Consumption is 25 W with protection rating IP20. Total dimensions (diameter x depth), 200x250 mm, the weight is 2 kg. The case is made of black and white colors.