“Aris” and “REC” at the exhibition in Kiev

The company “REC” has successfully finished participation in one of the biggest exhibitions of Ukraine “The Fourteenth International Exhibition of power energetic, Electrical and Energy Efficiency” with the support of the company “Aris”. There were presented LED street lights “Altair” and also prototypes of architectural and stage lighting. The lively interest to LED technologies is specified by global challenge for energy efficiency. This critical problem has referred to everyone and the company “REC” helps to implement the energy efficiency plans.

In November 2009, Russia adopted the Federal Law "About energy efficiency" because value and energy consumption are increasing on 20-30% every year, and the station capacitance is not enough. The only way to reduce consumption is to learn how to save. The introduction of energy-efficient technology has affected all spheres of activities, and special attention is paid to lighting. Anyone can deny the obvious advantage of LEDs over incandescent lamps now: energy efficiency, minimal service charges, service life of about 20 years, absence of mercury, absence of flickering and resistance to thermal stress.
We offer to join the global challenge of energy saving and to use energy-efficient technologies in your projects.

Source: www.show-master.ru