Appearance of Altair LED lights in Moscow

As is well-know LED lights have many advantages, such as minimal power consumption, high contrast range and color reproduction that allow you to use LED lights with less power; flexibility in application (without retubing); environmental safety (lamps do not contain mercury and require special disposal) , a long service life (up to 25 years in a mode of city lighting).

At the end of the last year the company "NIKFI" decided to renew lighting equipment in a surrounding area of the Moscow Drama Theater on Perovskaya street. Street lamps that were made on the basis of mercury-vapour lamps were changed into LED lights "Altair" produced by the company “REC” (Radio-Electronic Company). "Altair" is the product innovation in the arsenal of the Ukrainian producer that differs with the balanced characteristics and high reliability. According to the manufacturer’s information LED lamps were developed with all technical standards and recent lighting trends of the European Community (bright LEDs CREE, pb-free solders, etc.) Using the latest technology in the own development allowed for achieving not only high quality but the low cost of the product.

Thus we see how the Federal Law № 261-FL about "Energy saving and increasing of energy efficiency" begins to be implemented in life, and a global changing to the energy-efficient technologies is already very close.

Source: journal “Inavate”