Acquaintanceship with the company “REC”

Excursion to the manufacture is not new today in the world practice. The organizational culture of the world's manufacturers have long had a meeting of partners, associates and members of the general scope for communications, exchange of views and experiences. These meetings provide an opportunity to communicate "face to face", an opportunity to "lift the curtain", to show how ideas and solutions are born in reality and obtain an objective evaluation of own activities.

On 6th of February, 2013 took place the first stage of the "Acquaintance with the company REC" on the territory of manufacture in Zhitomir, the purpose of which was to show how it works in reality, and everyone can be assured in practice that this business is not just an "assembler" but the independent developer and manufacturer of real full cycle.


There were invited representatives of the "Association of Ukrainian engineers", journalists, as well as various members of the rental business in Ukraine.

Special gratitude for organizing assistance is to the company “Concord Aris-Rec”, the distributor of “REC” and also for sound engineers George Shevko, Vladimir Reznik, Valery Papchenko and Yury Tovstogan.


"Acquaintanceship with the company REC" was organized in the format of presentation where there were presented the activities of the company and arranged the excursion in the manufacture to the guests. Everyone could learn in detail how products are creating under the brand name of REC, as also there were presented a novelty in a new line of stage monitors - Monitor REC M15 and the updated series of acoustics CS.

 We would also like to admit the report of professional sound equipment by the leading engineer of company “REC” Azad Nigmatshaev on a subject “The problem of phase distortion in crossovers of acoustic systems and ways of its reduction on the example of monitor REC M15». It was presented the development of engineers REC "Passive phase compensating crossover" that is used inside the Monitor M15 which are minimized phase distortion in the REC M15.


At the end of "Acquaintanceship with the company REC", there were exchanges of views and emotional conversations over a light buffet supper.
The first stage of the “Acquaintanceship with the company REC" was the beginning of a new line in the corporate culture of our company. And it is planned to be held two times a year.


We are thankful all for organizing and participating in the event!