LED street lighting “REC” in Zhitomir

In January 2013 the company "REC" completed the delivery of 1627 LED lamps of its own production according to the project of Zhitomir City Council "Increasing the energy efficiency of objects in municipal and public sector of Zhitomir" financed by NEFCO.


In the process of carrying out of a project tungsten filament lamps were changed into LED lamps by "REC" production on 192 streets and alleys of Zhitomir.


 Replacement and installation of LED lights can significantly reduce the power consumption, and also solves an equally important issue - the protection of environment.


As a result of the project will be achieved:
Annual energy savings - 561.2 MW;
Annual savings of thermal energy - 316.64 MW;
Reducing emissions CO2 - 483,9 ton / year
Annual budget savings - 721.33 UAH.

Statistics are presented from the website of Zhitomir City Council http://zt-rada.gov.ua/pages/p3307

 LED lamps of series RL-01 are oriented for lighting of roads, streets, yard and industrial areas, parking, etc. at night time. Lamps are intended for outdoor use under the influence of atmospheric condensation and solar radiation in temperatures conditions from -40 to +40 º C.