Acoustic systems «REC» of CS series at the International Festival "Jazz at the Hermitage Garden" in Moscow

From 24 to 26 of August was sounded Jazz as a part of the 15th International Jazz Festival in Moscow's HermitageGarden in the format of improvisations and informal communication in the open air during three nights. The anniversary festival was attended by twelve Russian and foreign ensembles which included jazz stars from Austria, the USA, Israel and Poland.

Last night was the most intense: jazzmen remembered the great Jimmy, one of the founding fathers of American jazz.

In 2011, "ARIS" as the official distributor of the company «REC» in Russia, first performed as a technical sponsor of a unique musical show "Jazz in the Hermitage." Sound system that was providing by "ARIS" received the highest assessment of the organizers, musicians and guests of Jazz Festival. This year "ARIS" decided not only to repeat the successful cooperation with the best jazz musicians in the world but also to introduce their partners the concept of sound systems and equipment of company «REC». 


The Jazz Festival had been equipped by the major portals - broadband passive acoustic systems REC CS215 and subwoofers CS18Sub. The latest of them were functioned in the cardioid mode arranged with equipment BIAMP Audia Solo;
delay system REC CS12 + CS15Sub,

Power amplifiers RECCS2000, CS3400, CS4400,

System of near-zone field RCF HDL20-A;

Stage Monitors d&b MAX и M4;

Set of microphones Beyerdynamic;
Mixing system DiGiCoSD9.


In addition, company "ARIS" was held an extraordinary event - Jazz Breakfast with the company «REC», the purpose of which was to introduce everyone the acoustic sound systems «REC» and show in practice the possibility of constructing a cardioid subwoofer array and location of the sound image. Full and straightforward information was presented by the Chief Engineer of the company Azad Nigmatshaev.