PD1 power supply distribution device

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Functional features:

PD1 distribution device allows you to connect analogous device with the aim of further increasing the number of consumers.
It is intended for installation inside irregularly heated spaces under the following conditions:

  • Ambient temperature ranges from +1 to +40°С
  • Relative humidity at 25 ° is not more than 80%
  • Absence  of aggressive influences and current-conductive dust
  • Air pressure ranges from 86 to 106 kPa (from 650 to 800 millimeters of mercury column)

The main technical characteristics

Parameter nameCharacteristics
Maximum input current, A 16
Maximum total load current, A 16
Maximum allowed current of the single customer, A 16
Quantity of consumer power outlet, items 6
Total dimensions, mm, max 485х82х82
Weight, kg, not more 2,5