PFM1500 series power amplifiers

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Functional features:

Protection systems from

  • sustained input overload;
  • overload and overheating of the output transistors;
  • short circuit, steady voltage, infra-low output frequency
  • start-up transients, the mode of soft start.
  • There is tan option of installation in the standard 19 "RACK-racks.

Input connectors:


Output connectors:



  • availability for service;
  • safety systems actuation;
  • six-digital power-level indicator for each channel.

Logarithmic output level controls.

Mode selector switch of stereo/ mono/bridge

Preset limiter switch.

Disconnecting the case from the common wire circuit.


Dual-speed automatically controlled DC fans.

The main technical characteristics

Parameter NameCharacteristics
Nominal output power (W) 
- Stereo/Mono,2 Ohm
- Stereo/Mono,4 Ohm
- Stereo/Mono,8 Ohm
- Bridge 4 Ohm
- Bridge 8 Ohm

Input impedance, kOhm, min
– symmetrical switching of power supply
– asymmetrical switching of power supply

Minimum source electromotive force, dB (V), min 0 (0,775)
Effective frequency range with flatness ± 0,1 dB, Hz, not narrow from 12 till 40000
Total harmonic distortion, %, max 0,05
Damping factor, min 600
Signal/noise ratio, dB, min 101
Input power, W 2500
Overall dimensions, width х height х depth, mm 482х89х450
Weight, kg, max 20