M15 stage Monitor

Series: M
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Functional features:

  • 15-inch RCF Precision low-frequency dynamic head with a 3,5-inch two-way voice coil
  • compression HF driver RCF Precision with a 2,5-inch diaphragm made of titanium, neodymium magnetic system
  • constant directivity horn with 80° opening angles in the vertical plane and 50° in the horizontal plane
  • it is equipped with the junction filter with the crossover frequency HF and LF 1250 Hz.
  • It is used the technology of phase compensating crossover.
  • body of special form of moistureproof plywood of 18 mm, structured acrylic coating
  • perforated metal mesh of 2 mm thick, covered with acoustically transparent foam to protect dynamic heads from mechanical influence and dust 
  • SPEAKON NL4 connectors

The main technical characteristics

Parameter nameCharacteristics
Nominal electric output, W 600
Limiting long-time power, W 1200
Nominal impedance, Ohm 8
Frequency range, Hz (-6dB) 60 - 20000
Angle in the horizontal plane, degree (-6dB) 50
Angle in the vertical plane, degree (-6dB) 80
Available power response, dB 99
Max SPL, dB 133
Overall dimensions, mm 358х576х605
Weight, kg 29